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Green Marketing Concepts

Environmental niche marketing is also about creating that niche where it may not have existed before. There was no modern $4 coffee market until Starbucks created it. There were no Organics until farmers who have always practiced sustainable agriculture decided to market their produce as such. No one cared what sort of light bulbs they had when energy was cheap and plentiful – it took the modification of technology made for RVs and space flight to even bring low power consumption products such as compact fluorescent light bulbs to market. In the end, the idea is to let sound environmental practices be your guide to creating a new audience for your product or service–one that is willing to pay a premium to let you help them do the right thing.

Lastly, it’s all about actually backing up any claims you might make as to the environmentally benign nature of your business. In fact, not only do you have to live up to your claims, but you need to market yourself in such a way that people will assume you’re being truthful. People who are already looking for “green” products will avoid yours if it smells like a hypocritical rat. This is your chance to practice what you preach. For once, those who play by the rules will be rewarded.

It is perhaps useful to note here that the environment extends beyond plants, animals, air and water. People are part of the environment as well, since we all live in this world – a very large system but closed for all intents and purposes. People who are taken advantage of and suffer dire economic consequences become desperate. Desperate people will resort to any means just to stay alive. Poaching, deforestation and pollution are very often the ultimate consequences of violating human dignity. Therefore, eco-marketing necessarily extends to human rights.


Green Marketing Concepts

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Green Marketing Concepts November 7, 2014