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How To Build A Virtual Corporation

Isn’t it dishonest to make my company look bigger than it is?
Not at all. Your business web site will be a reflection of your company, and as long as you plan to operate professionally (as all good businesses should), conveying that message is not only a great idea, it’s a necessity.

How will creating a virtual corporation help my business?
It is difficult and expensive to build and maintain a large physical corporation. For most people, it is impossible without extensive financial backing. By creating a virtual corporation, you are maintaining a professional image that states your ability to operate just as effectively (and profitably) as those fortunate few who have the capital to invest in a business.
Giving yourself a virtual makeover allows you to grow as big as you can, or want to, without the need for a big building or an office in Corporate Park. More and more often, major companies’ home bases are moving from big city concentrations and out to rural and remote areas. You don’t have to live in New York or Los Angeles to run a big business any more!

I’m planning to start a business. Should I go virtual from the beginning?
Absolutely. Even if you plan to have a physical office for your business, it is difficult to succeed today without a web presence. And if you can run things without setting up a storefront, you will save yourself time and money while taking advantage of the latest cutting-edge methods big corporations use to reap profits and outdo the competition.

Don’t I have to know a lot about computers to start a virtual corporation?
It helps to have some knowledge of computers, or at least possess basic internet use skills. Fortunately, however, you don’t have to learn HTML programming or how to install a new hard drive before you can begin your virtual corporation. If you’re new to the virtual world, the resource section at the back of this book contains listings of several books and free classes you can take to develop the necessary computer skills in no time.
NOTE: Though this book focuses on building a virtual corporation in a home office setting, the techniques and strategies outlined are also applicable to small businesses run outside the home. Any company will benefit from the information presented here as an inexpensive, easy-to-implement solution for transforming your business to a dynamic entity in the online world.
So, are you ready to start building your virtual corporation?


How To Build A Virtual Corporation

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How To Build A Virtual Corporation August 24, 2009