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Time Management

Once you have determined how much your time is worth, you need to decide if you are utilizing it correctly. Everyone has busy days where they run from one task to the other feelings as though they will never get ahead. But, if that description sounds like your typical day, then it is obvious some changes are necessary.

To help you determine if time management techniques will work for you, and also to help you focus in on exactly where your biggest time management problems lie, take the following quiz.


Is your workspace organized for maximize efficiency?

Are your processes set up for ease of use?

Do you handle a single piece of information only one or two times during the same workday?

Do you avoid procrastination?

Do you plan your time to avoid feeling rushed or constantly in “crisis mode”?

Do you end your workday at a scheduled time each day?

Do you plan for free time throughout the day?

Do you schedule your time daily?

Do you schedule your time weekly?

Do you schedule your time monthly?

Do you begin your “to do” list by estimating how many hours you will need to devote to work each week to achieve your goals?

Do you set specific goals for each workday?

Do you schedule time to answer emails and return phone calls?

Do you consistently meet your deadlines? Both internal and external?

Do you schedule your most difficult tasks during your most productive times of the day?

Do you set performance goals for yourself?

Do you balance your work and social time?

All of your “YES” answers indicate areas where you are already utilizing time management concepts. The “NO” answers indicate areas where you need to work on your time management skills. In the following chapters we will explore each question and related technique more closely in order to discover how you can get the most benefit from your time management commitment.


Time Management

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Time Management June 24, 2008