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Traffic Conversion Secrets

In this book we’ll discuss a myriad of tools and techniques you can use to get inside of the minds of your customers and create a traffic explosion. The first thing you need to do is get into the spirit of things and create something new and exciting. In this section we’ll discuss preparations for your traffic boom and how to dazzle your customers with Fresh content.
In each chapter we will discuss the details and semantics of each technique so you can optimize them for mining your traffic for sales. We’ll explain what works, the psychological impact of the strategy, and even the how to implement for the best timing and results. Each set of techniques is organized within a larger category. The two main categories are Emotional Control and Logic; we’ll be exploring a wide range of tactics that target two major groups of people: those who are easily controlled by playing on emotional factors and those who think analytically and logically.

This gives you a powerful set of tools that pretty much work on anyone. By blending and combining the techniques you’ll be able to create sales campaigns that attract people you never would imagine being interested in your products and services. Changing the way you do business and implementing tactics for creative massive amounts of traffic on your site is easier than you may think; this book intends to prove that!

Get Into the Spirit
Converting visitors into customers is easy if you keep one key fact in mind: people are creatures of habit. If you pay close attention to when people are triggered to open their wallets, then you can use the same dynamics to develop a strategy to have it work for your sales efforts. Understanding triggers that produce sales is one effective way to develop strategies that can work over a large cross-section of people.

The Technique
For a habit to work for you, it has to produce the close of a sales call to action. If you’ve ever gotten cable or satellite you’ve seen them use this tactic to make extra sales. They always have free offers that are on a trial basis. They’ll give you a bunch of extra channels or special channels for free but it’s only for 3 months or 6 months. When your time is up the representative calls and asks you if you want to cancel your subscription; usually they’ll act like it’s a big deal to come out and change something so you no longer get the channels. You feel committed to your cable purchase and you’ll seem cheap if you back out of the extra channels you were enjoying up until now. Most of the time you’ll go ahead and keep them and pay a little extra. After the call the rep will usually offer you even more services based on a new special deal and since you’ve already agreed to the service and the extras you’re more inclined to listen to what she says and possibly upgrade.

This strategy works because you already committed to a purchase, no matter how small, and asking for something on top is taking advantage of the groove you’ve already slipped into. It may not seem like a lot of extra money going in your pocket, but if you do this to every single sales prospect you encounter, the multiple effect can line your pockets quite nicely.
This strategy works okay with retail sales, but it is dynamite with direct sales on the Internet. The key is to get your visitor to commit to a small sale first and then before they check out, ask them if they want something extra. You will be surprised how fast your orders tend to grow after that.

The Secret
The biggest resistance people tend to have when closing a sale is just the simple act of saying “yes.” Once that obstacle is circumvented it becomes much easier to make the sales larger out of pure inertia. Once people are already walking in a specific direction it takes more effort and attention to change directions than it does to just keep going the way you’re already headed.
Some people like to call it consistency in action, but it’s also about habitual action. Psychologists say that it only takes so much time to create a habit, but it can take more than 21 days to break it and it takes a concerted effort to do so. People generally don’t pay attention to their habits and that’s why when you identify a trigger it is easy to exploit it to your benefit.
You are actually setting the course without making it obvious to your sales prospect. The minute they agree to even a tiny purchase, you have set the momentum to generate even larger sales, if not immediately – at least, down the road.


Traffic Conversion Secrets

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