The Content Marketing Crusade


The Simple Way To Leverage Your Existing Content Marketing For Massive Web Traffic Even If You Don’t Ever Want To Write A Single Word Of Content Yourself!

Do You Need A Real Way To Generate Traffic To Your Website?

Do you spend an arm and a leg each month trying to get quality visitors via pay per click advertising?

Have you tried all of the tricks to get the search engines to send you free traffic without any success?

Are you just plain tired of trying to fight, scrounge and hunt for ways to generate quality traffic and leads?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you are in for a real treat…

Today you are going to to find out how people just like you are creating floods of traffic to their websites without paying a dime for it and without writing!

There’s no question that you’ve had to deal with the biggest problem that we all face as online business professionals; traffic generation.

It seems that there is always some new “system” out there that promises to send a ton of traffic your way instantly.

If any of them actually work (and very few do), they usually send you a short burst of traffic followed by your site getting promptly banned from the search engines.

The other option we all know well…

Pay for traffic from sites like Google, Yahoo! and MSN on a pay per click basis while hoping that our research will yield targeted visitors.

Either of the above mentioned scenarios can be very expensive. One in the way of time by trying your hand at search engine optimization or the other in the way of dollars by paying for all of your traffic.

What if I told you that you that generating all the traffic that you could ever need is easier than you ever thought possible?

What if I told you that you could…

Stop Wasting Time, Money And Your Sanity On “Fly By Night” Traffic Generation Systems…

Even if you’re completely new online, you’ve probably seen at least a few of the traffic programs that come out on a regular basis.

There is literally a new system for generating traffic coming out every couple of weeks so these promotions are extremely hard to miss.

The problem is that most of the people releasing these courses haven’t actually tested the systems that they are selling to you.

You’re probably thinking “Why?”

The reason is because they are marketers and they know that people want to learn how to generate traffic to their websites.

They create courses using new buzz words with the promise of effortless and easy traffic and the truth is, these courses rarely every deliver.

The ones that do revolve around using black hat techniques that WILL get your website banned from the search engines which means that you’re “out of business” literally overnight.

Doesn’t sound so great does it?

While the situation above is a bad one, let me ask you this…

Are You Tired Of Paying Ridiculous “Pay Per Click” Fees For Traffic That Doesn’t Convert All That Well?

We’ve all either tried our hand at pay per click advertising or at least looked at the sites that offer these services.

Even if you’ve never bought any pay per click advertising, you’ve surely read about it and know that getting the traffic you pay for to convert can be a chore.

In fact, the majority of people out there never get any of their traffic to convert and end up spending their savings account testing.

We all know what happens after that…

Testing is over and you have a bad taste in our mouth when it comes to pay per click advertising.

When it comes to paying “per click” for traffic, you really need to know your stuff because you’re paying for every single one of those visitors.

Depending on your market you may be paying several dollars a click which adds up to thousands of dollars extremely fast.

The good news is that there is a solution to all of these issues. Both PPC and SEO problems are a thing of the past using…

An Extremely New (Yet Time Tested) System For Generating Traffic That’s Safe, Stable & Consistent!

Get All The Traffic You’ve Ever Wanted Without
All Of The Wasted Time Or Expense!

Generate Traffic Without Paying Ridiculous Pay Per Click Fees!

You Don’t Have To Risk Your Websites SE Listings By Trying Black Hat Techniques!

Create Lifetime Traffic That Keeps Coming Back Forever!

The Content Crusade Reveals It All In A Simple Step By Step System…

The Content Crusade is a book based on generating traffic with content. The best part is that you DO NOT have to write your own content!

In fact, you’re going to learn where you can even get multimedia content such as videos and images that you can use absolutely free!

To bring everything together you learn what to do with the content to attract traffic as well as how to supercharge your results using a little bit of Web 2.0 to push you along.

If you’ve been wondering how to generate traffic but don’t have a huge amount of time to invest or money to shell out, The Content Crusade is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Is This Easy Enough For A Complete Newbie To Do?

You’ve heard about some of the things that you are going to be be learning in the Content Crusade System and may have been a little intimidated by terms like content acquisition or Web 2.0.

Please don’t let those things scare you.

You see, the Content Crusade System was created with the thought in mind that a completely new person could use the system.

Best of all, we aren’t teaching you “advanced web 2.0 gizmo marketing” or anything like that.

In fact, you’re only going to be using the beginning tools of the services and resources that we show you which means that everything is extremely easy to understand and do.

If you can surf the Internet, send and receive e-mail and know how to type (even with two fingers) then you have all of the skills necessary to benefit from The Content Crusade system.

So if you have a determination to start seeming more income coming into your bank account each month as result of your increased traffic, The Content Crusade system is absolutely for you.

What’s Covered In The Content Crusade Manual?

Next, here is some of the insider information you’ll be picking up on…

Content Acquisition Secrets – I guarantee that you’re going to be pleased with the content creation techniques you learn. If you don’t want to write a word, you don’t have to. On the other hand, if you want complete creative control, we even help you with that!

Hot Beds Of Multimedia – You are going to learn where to get multimedia to use on your website absolutely free! I’m talking about real life video and images. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with YouTube or any of the other video sharing sites. I’m talking about feature length films and pictures of people like Abraham Lincoln & Babe Ruth!

The Truth About Article Marketing – If you’ve tried your hand at article marketing, chances are you’ve went about it all wrong. You see, in today’s technologically changing world, there are a few things you need to know in order have article marketing work for you. You’re going to learn the super charged and long standing secrets of generating big time traffic with your articles.

How To Use Social Book Marking (Not The Way You Think) – You’ve defiantly seen the social book marking phenomenon spreading across the Internet. We’re going to show you how to leverage those services for big time traffic, SE rankings and most importantly, sales!

Simple, Step By Step Instructions – Everything in The Content Crusade System is broken down into easy to follow steps that you can move along with as easy as pie. Just go through the manual, implement the ideas and you’re done!

Progressive, Fast & Fulfilling – You’ll find that the course is easy to understand especially with the visual screen shot illustrations we’ve included. As you quickly progress through the system you’ll also feel an incredible feeling of accomplishment!

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