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How To Relieve Back Pain For Good: Great Information On How To Be Back Pain Free January 6, 2014

I  just finished this book and found a lot of great information on how to be back pain free!

I work on a horse farm and have experienced sciatica pain, lower back pain, groin muscle pull, neck pain, and numerous pulled muscles over the years.
From many tiring days I have certainly had poor posture and used myself incorrectly so stressing and unbalancing my body. The work I do needs a strong back. I am 58 years old so it is even more important now that I should take care of my body.

Since the author already wrote the book I won’t write another in this review (lol).
I do want to mention how well he explains what should be more or less of a concern to you when experiencing pain and even what is natural pain and part of the process like in stretching exercises.
The details on how to do the exercises and the pictures are very helpful and easy to follow. I felt throughout the book that he was not only teaching but talking as a friend to me.
He also is clear on what exercises NOT to use!
I am a firm believer that how we think is affecting our health and he touches on that as a very important part of staying pain free. Bravo!

The only area I can not advocate as a Christian is the use of certain alternative therapies that he mentions such as yoga and acupuncture.

I do consider chiropractic and massage therapy as excellent therapies however and have received chiropractic treatment myself with great success.
I give this a 5 star rating since the information and exercises shown will bring great relief and keep you pain free without the use of those two alternate therapies.
I am proof of that having carefully used these types of stretches and exercises in the past and am pain free today. I have not even needed a chiropractor for many years.

The author touches on stress, beds, nerves and circulation also, but lightly, and gives just enough information to help discern if some thing needs to be changed.

I found this a good resource for a layperson like me to be educated and find helpful advice for back pain relief without the expense necessarily of a medical doctor.
Works for me!
I will finish with a quote from the book by the author that I 100% agree with :
“Consider back pain relief to be an investment that is well worth every penny of your time, effort, and hard work.”

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How To Relieve Back Pain For Good: Great Information On How To Be Back Pain Free

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Dr. Robertino Bedenian

How To Relieve Back Pain For Good: Great Information On How To Be Back Pain Free January 6, 2014