Green Marketing Concepts


Now You Can Jump On The “Going Green Train”. Here Are The Green Marketing Secrets to Opening Up Your Business To A Whole New Eco Friendly Niche Market!

Think Your Business Has Reached its Maximum Potential?

Convinced that there’s no where to go but sideways?

Feel like you’ve gone as far as your know-how can take you?

No matter what kind of business you have, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Even the best businesses have room to grow.

The last thing you want to have on your hands is a stagnant business. You want something that changes with its surroundings. Something that grows with you.

To do that, you need better sales tools. Sound expensive? Sound difficult? Sound cumbersome? It isn’t!

Generating Sales Has Never Been Easier!

All You Need to be Successful Are the Right Tools, the Right Know-How, and the Right Information.

Have you been looking for a new demographic to market your product to?

Do you think you’ve “tapped out” your current market?

Do you feel like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel of your current customer base?

Are you ready to open up a whole new world for your business?

Are you looking to boost business, profits, and your all-around bottom line?

Do you want to expand your business and hire more employees?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, read on…

I know that as a business owner, you’re constantly looking for more places to market your product. Every business wants more customers. More customers mean more sales, and more sales mean more money – and this means that expanding your customer base is the best (and, truly, only) way to boost your bottom line.

One of the hardest tasks of any business, however, is to FIND those all-important customers. You know they’re out there, but you’ve pretty much run the well dry when it comes to venues through which to reach them.

For a while, your business grew and blossomed at an incredible rate – but chances are pretty good that things have dwindled with time. High rates of growth can’t be sustained without some major innovation.

Innovation, however, is hard to come by.

If you’ve been working with the same group of people (or even with just yourself) through the early stages of your business, you might well feel that all of your ideas have been maxed out.

This doesn’t mean that you’re a bad business owner – it simply means that you’re a human being with limits to your creativity. Think about what might happen with just a little fresh material: if your business is injected with even the smallest extra bit of new material, the potential for growth is outstanding.

Right now, we’re offering an incredible way to revamp your business with smart, failsafe advice and information – the kind of info that is guaranteed to jump-start a new era in the life of your business.

Plus, expanding businesses often get squashed between a rock and a hard place when it comes to marketing: the recent focus on ecological concerns has customers looking for businesses that are eco-friendly. If your marketing plan is dependant on paper or any sort of fuel-burning resource, you’re going to be up a creek before you know it.

What if you could do the right thing for the environment and get paid for it?

You see, until now…

You’ve Been Using Traditional Marketing Plans and Hoping It’s Enough!

Most business owners stick to the traditional ways to market their product. However, that’s the problem — everyone is doing it.

If doing what everyone else was doing was enough to be successful, every household in America would be home to an astonishingly successful business that was raking in the dough week after week.

The reason that this is not the case is that business success depends on NOT doing what others are doing.

There Is a Better Way!

In fact, you’re about to be thrilled at the sheer simplicity of it!

Wouldn’t you like to see higher sales just for telling potential customers about your business?

Wouldn’t you like to see your business grow beyond your wildest dreams?

Wouldn’t you like to blow your former sales goals through the roof?

Of course you would.

But how are you going to make all of this happen?

How are you going to muscle your business into and through a major breakthrough?

What are you going to do?

You Can Reach A Huge Market By Tailoring Your Marketing Campaign!

It almost sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?

The idea of honing down your advertising to reach . . . a broader range of people? It’s counterintuitive – most of us automatically believe that wider advertising reaches a wider audience.

Unfortunately, however, this just isn’t true. Marketing that attempts to appeal to the masses, in truth, will probably appeal to NO ONE – and that’s more than a hair short of EVERYONE. Mass marketing that is widely spread doesn’t work.

It’s too inexact and random. It’s like doing business with your fingers crossed.

So what, you ask, is a savvy business owner to do?

If everything you know about marketing is wrong, how are you supposed to recover and move forward? Welcome to the world of ecological niche marketing.

What is ecological niche marketing?

Simple. Consider the fact that most consumers are savvy enough now to realize they have a “vote” with everything they purchase. When a customer makes a conscious decision to exchange money for a good or service, he or she is validating the importance of that good or service. This means that customers put a lot of emphasis on choosing products that they believe in on an ethical level.

On one level, this might mean, say, avoiding clothing stitched by child laborers. For another consumer, the tipping point might be the way the company treats the environment in their design, testing, and production processes. These customers are among the most savvy out there – and they’re also the ones with plenty of cash and who are willing to spend top dollar for goods that are worth their salt.

Sure – this isn’t the majority of the population – but it CAN represent a wide swath of YOUR new potential customer base.

Businesses that can harness that belief – that attacking ethics-based consumers works – stand to profit heavily.

No matter what you’ve been doing in the land of traditional marketing up to this point, harnessing the power of niche ecological marketing can truly propel your business to the next level.

Don’t Believe Me? Ask Starbucks!

Businesses like Starbucks, organic farmers, Philips, and many others have been extremely successful in the international marketplace simply by using some basic but little-known concepts to make a customer’s “voting” purchases work for them.

Consider that cup of coffee you bought this morning.

Check out the spiffy green-and-white cup – emblazoned with a catchy, trendy quote from a celebrity or customer posting a progressive worldview. Plus, if you look up while you add cream and sugar to your cup of joe, you’ll notice a ream of pamphlets just above the sweetener touting the environmental responsibility of the company.

The corporation pours large chunks of its profits into building up community infrastructure in its coffee-growing communities (often located in some of the most economically depressed regions of the world), adhering to Fair-Trade principles, and educating its employees about the ins and outs of the coffee-growing business.

In short, it’s not just about selling a cup of coffee: it’s about selling a cup of coffee that is going to appeal to the finely tuned sensibilities of a worldly customer base.

When a customer chooses to purchase his or her coffee from Starbucks, he or she is choosing to support the stated ecological and economic standards of the company. This makes the customer feel good: it’s not just an economic transaction, it’s also a human transaction.

And it’s working.

No Matter What Your Company

No Matter What Your Business

You Can Do It Too!

Environmental niche marketing isn’t just for big corporations. And it doesn’t have to be your organization’s raison d’etre.

It simply has to be an organized, efficient, carefully managed system of development and marketing that is specifically engineered to bring in the kinds of customers (and thus the kinds of business) that you want.

With this program, you’ll gain access to piles of helpful information.

No matter what your business or interests, the information in this 5-day course will change your life.

You will see improvements in your sales, simply by homing in on a specific customer base.

In this course, you’ll learn:

** How to optimize your business and market to people who will appreciate your eco-friendly product **

** How to get started with little or no money **

** What savvy, successful businesses have learned through years of trial and error **

It’s like having a business coach right at your side to help you launch into this new venture painlessly and successfully.
The best part is that you don’t have to worry about this being some fluff-filled promise that is never going to materialize.

This IS something that will work for your business.

You CAN harness the power of Ecological Niche Marketing.

You CAN make it work for your business.

You CAN increase your sales and profits.

You CAN take your business to the next level.

You CAN play in the big leagues.

You CAN go places you never would have dreamed.

Ecological Niche Marketing Will Show You How To Do Your Part

Ecological Niche Marketing Will Show You How to Make Money While You’re At It

That’s Just Some Of What You’ll Get With Access to Ecological Niche Marketing …

Ecological Niche Marketing will show you exactly, step by step, how to make your business attractive to eco-conscious customers!

Additionally, harnessing the power of Ecological Niche Marketing is great for business owners who are actively interested in environmental issues. Always halfway wished that you took that college class in ecological responsibility? Feel like you missed out on farming in Pakistan with the Peace Corps? We all have thoughts like that – and engaging your business in Ecological Niche Marketing is a great way to become involved in a world-wide struggle right in your own backyard.

You CAN make a difference – and you can do it from the comfort of your existing business and with very little capital.
Ecological Niche Marketing is a smart way to make your business fit for the 21st Century.
What’s Inside This Powerhouse Guide?

The information contained in Ecological Niche Marketing is going to tell you everything you need to know about how to set up your business to be more eco-friendly, how to create that niche for yourself, and how to capitalize on it! it!
You’re going to learn all of the ins and outs of eco-friendly business, and how to harness its incredible power for your company’s bottom line.

Hotbeds of Ecological Activity
How To Compete in Global Markets
How Much Money Could You Make?
The Trends In Ecological Marketing
The Principles You MUST Live By
The “Unwritten Rules” Of Ecological Marketing
You’re Probably Thinking That Ecological Niche Marketing Is Too Good To Be True…ue…

Eco Niche Marketing could be formatted as a weekend seminar that would cost you several hundred dollars in conference fees – plus hotel, meals, and travel expenses.

This could be offered in a university setting for hundreds of dollars per credit.

After all, there are millions of people out there with technical skills that they just don’t know how to turn into profits.

And the ones that do know how to make money with their skills just aren’t talking because they want to keep all the clients for themselves.

There’s a major market for business profiteering out there – and if you’re a business owner, you’ve probably been approached with more than one get-rich-quick scheme that is formulated only to rake in huge profits for the creator without providing YOU with any useful information.

But that’s not how I do things. I want to give you:
Extreme Value
Extreme Information
Extreme Profits

All at a great price!

In fact, if you act today you can get this entire course for just $47!

This is a one-time charge.

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You’ll get the information you want and need for one simple payment.

To top it off, I’ll deliver the product to you instantly via digital download!

No shipping fees, no waiting.

How’s that for a bargain?

Are You Ready To Finally See Where The Rest of Your Customers Are?

Buy “Ecological Niche Marketing” today and start your own green marketing revolution tomorrow!